Jackson Pollock, Number 27, 1950, 1950. Oil, enamel, and aluminum paint on canvas, 49 × 106 in. (124.5 × 269.2 cm). Whitney Museum of American Art, New York;


Milano // fino al 16 febbraio 2013 
Pollock e gli Irascibili. La scuola di New York
a cura di Carter Foster e Luca Beatrice
Piazza del Duomo 2
02 54913

When we first look at Jackson Pollock’s work, it looks accidental, even sloppy. But try to isolate a single color and follow its path through the painting; you’ll see that it’s actually carefully and deliberately constructed. Pollock placed the canvas on the floor of his studio; then he moved around it, dripping and splattering the paint in layers, painstakingly building up the surface. The composition itself is a map of his movement, a record of raw emotion. 

A generation earlier, realism dominated American painting. But the Second World…

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