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Preview 2015-Asta 787 (1)

In arrivo…

Asta 787


Il Catalogo sarà disponibile entro venerdì 2 gennaio 2015

Orario esposizioni: dal 3 gennaio 2015

I sessione Sabato 10 gennaio 2015 dalle ore 15,00
II sessione Domenica 11 gennaio 2015 dalle ore 13,00
III sessione Sabato 17 gennaio 2015 dalle ore 15,00
IV sessione Domenica 18 gennaio 2015 dalle ore 13,00
V sessione Sabato 24 gennaio 2015 dalle ore 15,00
VI sessione Domenica 25 gennaio dalle ore 13,00

Un norvegese e un indiano.Nicchie d’arte per il mercato italiano. Si può metterla così, guardando a due lotti (di cui non è ancora nota la base d’asta) che saranno in gara nel primo giro d’incanti del 2015 alla Meeting art di Vercelli. Si tratta di cose così…

Olle Baertling

(dal sito dell’omonima fondazione):  “There is one Swedish artist who has made an entirely original contribution to the art of our time, comparable with the foremost masters of modern art history, and that is Olle Bærtling. It is all too easy to use presumptuous words on a matter like this. And yet, I wish to maintain that Bærtling, with his ‘open form’ and his ‘two-dimensional sculptures’, is the only Swede-besides Viking Eggeling, whose achievement came to a stop at its very beginning-who has added something unique to the store of forms available to art. His work of the last three decades has an innovative quality and an international range which may be compared – mutatis mutandis – with the finest achievements of scholarly research. It is not by chance that his works have found a place in many universities around the world”.

Qursta invece la scheda della Tate Gallery di Londra che ha sue opere in collezione: <Swedish abstract painter and sculptor, born in Halmstad. Has lived in Stockholm since 1928. Earned his living for many years by working in a bank, painting in his spare time. Painted in 1938 in a nordic expressionist style, then in 1939 turned to Matisse. In the mid 1940s began to develop towards abstraction. Visited Paris in 1948 and worked first with Lhote, then with Léger. Started in 1949 to paint completely abstract pictures with unbroken areas of colour and distinct lines, and experimented briefly with circles and after-images; first one-man exhibition at the Galerie Samlaren, Stockholm, 1949. Met Herbin in Paris in 1950 and joined the Réalités Nouvelles. Began in 1951 to use oblique rather than horizontal-vertical lines, and since 1954 has worked exclusively with open acute angles to achieve open form. Has also made sculptures since 1954 and from 1958 has worked on painting and sculpture side by side, regarding them as identical expressions>.

Bose Krishnamachari


(dal sito della Aicon Gallery con sede a New York e Londra, una delle gallerie che trattano questo grande artista con presenze nei principali musei): “Born 1963, Kerala, India Krishnamachari works in striking and dynamic abstracts, and with figures seen through saturated lenses. Even in his photography and multi-media installations, color is a dominant force. He says, “I refine my color to brightness. I have learnt this usage from the alternately subdued and lavish color codes of Indian ceremonies and ritual performances; the costumes, the gestures of enactment…” In addition to being an artist, Krishnamachari curates exhibitions and projects. He is driven by a desire to support the younger generation of Indian artists. The artist lives and works in Mumbai”.